Boy Sees A Kitten That Couldn’t Walk And Decides To Change His Life

Joo is only nine years old, yet he already understands the significance of treating people and animals with kindness. He observed a disabled kitty and decided to build a wheelchair for her to make her life easier.

Joo, who lives in Paraná, Brazil, discovered the kitten at a neighbor’s house, where he had hoped to spend time with a litter that had been born a few weeks previously.

The boy’s mother, Rogéria Bello Corazza, stated on Facebook:

“He came upon a kitten who couldn’t walk. He was heartbroken to watch the other kittens playing while she was unable to play ».

When Joo saw this, he felt he had to do everything he could to assist her.

Rogeria explained:

“When he got home, he started thinking of ways to help.”

According to The Dodo, this child decided that a wheelchair would be excellent for her, so he got creative and gathered the appropriate materials with the aid of a buddy.

Rogeria said:

“She was gone in a matter of minutes.”

Rogéria posted a video of the kitten enjoying her wheelchair on Facebook, which has now been shared over 1,300 times and had over 3 million views. The youngster has received a great deal of praise.

The cause for the kitten’s inability to walk is unknown, but she is unquestionably nice and courageous.

Joo and the kitten have become great friends and will always be there for one other.

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