Brave Dog Escapes Pack of Hungry Wolves In Shocking Video

A dog narrowly escaped a pack of hungry wolves in the snowy landscape of Abruzzo in southern Italy recently.

The harrowing footage captured by local Paolo Forconi shows the golden dog off in the distance surrounded by three menacing wolves.

The wolves have cornered the poor dog. He is trapped him between a barbed wire fence and the wolves on higher ground.

In a desperate bid for survival, the dog makes a dash along the fence, with the wolves at his heels. One wolf manages to bite his back leg not once but twice.

But just as it appears the wolves are closing in to strike the dog miraculously escapes through a hole in the fence. The wolves come to a stop, unable to follow.

The dog, who is likely a livestock guardian or other working dog on a ranch, is incredibly lucky.

According to Forconi, wolf sightings used to be a rarity in the area. But in recent years, the hungry animals have been drawn to the livestock and pets who live in the area.

Watch the dog’s incredible escape in the video below and share it with your friends.

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