Cat Lost In A Forest Fire Comes Running When He Sees His Family Again

Courtney Werblow and her family discovered hope a month after the tragic California wildfire roared through and destroyed their family home in Paradise, California. They discovered Timber, her beloved cat, whom they had assumed they would never see again.

According to abc10, Timber went missing soon before fires forced them to escape their home.

The family was led to the site of their former home to see what might be salvaged from the ashes. They noticed a familiar face in the distance there.

The cat appeared to be surprised that they had finally discovered her at first, but then she bolted.

Timber miraculously survived his ordeal in good health. She was finally reunited with her family, who had sorely missed her.

On Facebook, Courtney wrote:

“Timber, our lovely cat, was FOUND precisely one month after the fire, on December 8th. The kids are overjoyed that she made it. In the last month, she’s gone through a lot on her own. I’m so glad we tracked her down!”

Courtney explained:

“This is a testament to resilience, courage, and love after so much sorrow. She is a wonderful family cat, and we are thrilled to have her back.”

A lady who was forced to abandon her dog due to the fire went home to discover her beloved pet waiting for her among the ashes where her home formerly stood.

When Madison’s owner returned, the volunteer organization K9 Paw Print Rescue published a photo of her sitting patiently on the property.

After the fire, Madison’s “parents” were unable to access their house.

Hundreds of homeowners were finally permitted to return to their homes this week following the state’s worst and most damaging wildfire in history.

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