Deaf Pit Bull Who Cried After Her Best Friend Got Adopted Without Her Gets The Best News Possible

Life at a shelter is stressful for any dog, but the loneliness and pain is eased when they have a friend. Such was the case with a deaf, white Pit Bull named Marshmallow, who was all alone at the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption shelter in Kansas until this past April, when she befriended Scooby.

The two spent all their time together and became best friends. But in a good news/bad news twist, Scooby recently got adopted, but Marshmallow didn’t. After Scooby left, Marshmallow was distraught.

The shelter took a video of her in her kennel, snuggling with her stuffed toy and crying. “This is heartbreaking… Marshmallow is crying and has been non stop since yesterday,” they wrote. “Her roommate and best friend Scooby was adopted, she is very confused and sad.”

“What she needs is a forever home to heal her heart,” the shelter continued. “Marshy is a special girl with a special story, she is deaf. When we rescued her, she was very sick with parvo and left on a chain abandoned by her owners. She is truly a survivor but as you can see she is really needing love.”

Marshmallow had been returned to the shelter twice when previously adopted, so she’s sadly grown familiar with heartbreak. Shelter volunteers took extra care to help cheer Marshmallow up after she lost her friend.

And it turns out this sweet, special needs dog caught more than one family’s attention. Soon she was busy meeting and greeting potential adopters until just after the holidays, she found a new home!

Marshmallow is  already settling in nicely at her new home, relaxing and getting belly rubs from her family.

All the best to you and your new family, Marshmallow! Share Marshmallow’s story and remind everyone that there are plenty of sweet dogs like Marshmallow at local shelters just waiting for their happy endings!

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