Dog Is Found Crying Next To His Injured Brother After Being Run Over

A rescue group received a call about an injured dog after being hit by a car.

A pup was nudging his brother’s body with his muzzle, until the man stopped and ran towards them.

The Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on to the scene to seek out the poor pup unconscious but together with his brother beside him posing for help. So, they directly took the pup to be treated as there was no time to waste.

They brought the two dogs to their medical clinic to offer them vaccines and food hoping they’re going to be both fine soon. The pup, who was run over, was very weak, so he was given treatment for a brain injury, fluids, antibiotics, and IV pain meds.

The poor puppy needed two days to be ready to lift his head but unfortunately, he still wasn’t ready to eat by himself.

Thankfully, the opposite day he was ready to eat all by himself and even stood.

He was recovering and was even ready to get up, walk and ride on his own. He even wagged his tail to greet his rescuers.

Watch the video below:

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