Feral Dog Makes Incredible Comeback, Living The Best Life Now

When rescuers with Sidewalk Specials first spotted Alex, the dog was living at a dump. There was nothing to eat and he was struggling to survive in the Groendal township near Cape Town, South Africa.

Alex was feral, sick and afraid of human touch, but he was starving and immediately approached rescuers when they brought out food. But his terror soon returned as soon as rescuers put a leash on him, he cried out in fear and resisted, collapsing to the ground.

But Sidewalk Specials persisted in their efforts and managed to get Alex back to their shelter where he could be treated for mange, ticks and starvation. But he would need more than medical treatment to get back to full health.

“We placed him in a loving and understanding foster home where he learnt that not all humans are bad,” Jessica Rose of Sidewalk Specials wrote to

Some months later, Sidewalk Specials provided a heartwarming before-and-after video; Alex is completely unrecognizable from the dog he was before! Not only has his fur grown back and he is in good health, he is now adopted and living his absolute best life!



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