Firefighters Rescue A Cat That Got Stuck In A Tree For A Week

Curiosity will often get cats into trouble. This is what causes them to get stuck in places that they need assistance getting freed from.

One of the places where cats often end up getting stuck is high up in a tree. Perhaps this is why cats have nine lives – to make up for all the trouble they get themselves into.

When cats find themselves in sticky situations, they usually end up roping in humans, as we’re the ones who have to rescue them. And for authorities in Pensacola, Florida, they had their work cut out for them getting a stranded feline back to safety.

According to WKRG, the orange tabby had gotten itself stuck in a tree for over a week!

When the authorities showed up to help, they spent more than an hour on the rescue since the kitty wasn’t exactly compliant with being saved. Instead, it kept trying to evade the authorities’ help.

Eventually, they got the cat down and the rescued animal was given plenty of water as well as some unconventional food – spaghetti!

Even though the firefighter who managed to get the cat down from the tree had grown fond of it, the firefighter was unable to keep the cat, so the fire department handed the cat over to animal control.

The firefighter named the cat, Paul. It is still not known whether or not Paul has owners or if he will be put up for adoption or not.

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