Heartless Family Moves Away And Abandons Their Pregnant Dog In The Backyard

A pregnant dog was abandoned in backyard in Ohio by her family. The dog named Harley was huge and ready to give birth at any time. Thankfully, a kindly neighbor untied her, took her and put her in an enclosure to keep her safe and feed her. The all-volunteer dog rescue group, Backyard Dog Project, was contacted to see if they could help.

“Harley is about 4 years old and was abandoned by her people when they were evicted. She has always lived in this spot in the yard and they left her there tied up with a choke chain and no shelter,” Backyard Dog Project writes.

“She crawled under boards to sleep.”

“A very kind neighbor has put her in an enclosure but cannot keep her.”

Backyard Dog Project put out an urgent plea for a foster home to care for Harley and her soon-to-be born puppies. Unfortunately, the foster they arranged for had to drop out last minute. Fortunately, the neighbor who had been looking after Harley agreed to help out. Immediately after, Harley went into labor and had eight puppies.

“Mama and babies are all doing really well. They have lots of blankets and a good heater. She’s an excellent mom, cleaning them and picking them up often.”

“The neighbor is doing a great job with Harley and pups,” Backyard Dog Project writes on Facebook. “Harley doesn’t trust anyone, but she allows T. to touch her and handle the puppies. T. even hand feeds Harley!”

The rescue says, “We would like to rehome Harley and her pups, but they will need to remain together for at least the next seven weeks. The current caretaker is willing to look after them for that duration.”

Harley and her puppies will find forever homes in a few weeks’ time after the puppies have been weaned and all are properly vetted. to find out more about the work this rescue does, visit the Backyard Dog Project website for details.

It’s shocking how heartless Harley’s owners were to abandon her when she was about to have babies! Thank goodness for the kind neighbor and Backyard Dog Project for stepping forward to help. Share the rescue of Harley and her pups with your family and friends!

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