Kitten Barely Survives After Being Found with His Head Covered in Spray Foam

The cruelty of humans doesn’t know any bounds. We destroy nature and everything in it, more often than not on purpose. Not a few weeks ago, a garbage man was left in shock after he discovered a tiny kitten in a trash can with his head covered in spray foam!

The kitten really had a lot of luck that the garbage man heard its faint meows in the trashcan. Otherwise, it would have went into the truck for sure. After not being able to empty the contents of the trash can, the garbageman looked inside and saw the tiny kitten. His head was covered with a lot of thick spray foam which has already begun hardening. The man and his colleagues helped the kitten breathe again and took it to the vet. He received proper medical attention there and luckily got unscathed.

Dr. Diane Helley from the local vet office at Hillsboro, Oregon says that it was like a freak horror show. The poor kitten couldn’t move nor breathe and had a lot of luck that it was found by the garbageman. She is shocked that there’s still someone out there who can do this to other animals and hopes the police finds the culprit soon.

The Police Is Still Trying to Figure It Out

Washington County PD currently has no leads on the suspect. The kitten is now at the Hillsboro Bonnie Hays Animal Center and up for adoption. It is in perfect health and quite cute if we might add.

After such a horror episode in its life, it surely deserves a lot of love.

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