Man Discovers Family Of Foxes Living Under His Shed

Imagine looking out your window into your yard and seeing this every day – a gorgeous family of foxes with seven baby foxes growing up right before your eyes! I don’t think I’d ever leave my window.

Vincent Kaprat noticed that the mice around his shed had disappeared and soon discovered the reason – a red fox family had taken up residence.

Vincent wrote, “The shed the foxes are living under is usually filled with mice. I haven’t found any mouse droppings in it this spring.” He joked, “So as far as I am concerned those foxes have done more good then when those free loading woodchucks were living under there last year.”

The vixen’s kits are old enough now to adventure outside of their makeshift den. Vincent pulled out his camera, took these wonderful photos of the kits playing outside of their home and shared them with us here at

The adorable fox kits venture outside of their den.

Mom keeps an eye on her kits.

It’s time to play!

The young foxes have fun chasing each other.

But they stick close to their mom.

Time for a meal after all that play!

And back to the den after a fun day!

What a beautiful family! These photos were published on with permission from Vincent Kaprat.

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