“Oh, He Likes Those”: Tesco’s Staff Have Given Up Trying To Stop Steven The Seagull From Stealing Any More Crisps

Steven the Seagull has been causing havoc in a local Tesco Extra store in Devon, UK, nabbing tiny packets of sweet sustenance

Steven the Seagull (not to be confused with Steven Seagal) has been spotted entering a local Tesco Extra in Paignton, Devon, UK, and stealing a packet of Mini Cheddars. The bird has been excelling at his criminal career for quite some time now, as this hasn’t been the first time it’s happened. From sandwiches to savory snacks – nothing is safe when Steven’s beak is near.

Although you’d never attribute any sort of sense or sensibility to a seagull, this one takes it another step further. Having nabbed around £300 worth of goods from the local shop, he’s become a regular dose of entertainment for the staff, who said that the bird loves his Monster Munch and Tangy Cheese Doritos.

The bird has been a common guest at the store, the staff and shoppers very much aware of the burglaries

It is estimated that the bird has nabbed around £300 worth of goods, adding up to an impressive 17kg of food

Seagulls have been caught red-beaked time and time again, yet these tiny thefts aren’t hurting anyone, really


Sometimes the seagulls seem to lose the one brain cell between those lifeless eyes, going after dogs instead of snack packets

The birds are incredibly skilled and have strong survival instincts, ignoring potential danger to get what they want

According to Seagulls Are Not Evil, if a seagull becomes aggressive, it has a good reason to do so. “It is usually to protect their young or their nests, so if a seagull is ‘dive-bombing’ you, you are probably too close to her chicks.”

“She doesn’t want to kill you, she just wants you to go away because she feels threatened by you.” Fair enough, but why the aggression when I’m just trying to enjoy breakfast in peace?

Unexpectedly, gulls are not the only (or the best) “french-fry filchers!” Zach explains that crows, ravens, House Sparrows, and pigeons “are likely much more effective at sneaking an appetizer off your plate before you notice! This can differ depending on where in the world you reside, but gulls typically gain boldness at stealing human food when fed by humans.”


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