Old English Sheepdog Emerges from Mound of Fur After a Year of Neglect

We are always shocked at the state of neglect some dogs endure because of heartless owners. If this dog’s story has any lesson to take away it’s to have a proper will and make a good provision for your pet so that he/she is taken care of by the right people!

Cocos’ story began when his owner, an old Russian man, passed away. He left his belongings and his dog to his family. But there were disputes over how to divide his inheritance and while the family argued they decided to keep the dog in the deceased man’s apartment to help guard the valuables. A year passed and during that time the dog was given food and water but little else.

It was only when the inheritance was settled that the family called animal workers to take the dog away because they wanted to sell the apartment, the Daily Mail reported.

Dog rescuer Vitaly Kornilova told the UK paper, “He could barely walk, and was in a pitiful state. Relatives called us to take him away because they decided they wanted to sell the flat now that the inheritance paperwork been completed.”

The rescuers were shocked by the condition they found the Old English Sheepdog in. Not once had the dog been groomed or cleaned. The months of neglect meant his fur was one giant knot of poo and pee. He could barely walk.

They took him away and began the painstaking process of cleaning and grooming him. It took them almost a whole day.

When he was shaved down they found sores and abscesses on his skin.

But his ordeal was over and he could start the next chapter of his life. The Bobtail luckily went to a home with a woman  who has experience taking care of these special dogs.

Cocos looks so different when you see him shaved and cleaned!

What a terrible experience he went through, but it’s good to know that after his amazing transformation he has found someone who will look after him.

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