Puppy Taped In Box And Dumped Wagged Her Tail In Hopes Someone Might Hear Her

She was alive. There was that. But what one man found in a box taped shut in a dumpster will likely haunt him forever. A puppy beaten and bloody, but alive. Her wagging tail is what saved her, because it was the thumping noise that attracted the Good Samaritan over and subsequently saved her life.

Dallas Dog RRR shared puppy Sally’s rescue and the events that lead her into the safety of their hands.

“Imagine waking up with that ‘to do’ list you go to bed with every evening. Get gas, stop and get coffee, dry cleaning…the usual. But never do you imagine that you would be walking past a dumpster and hear a continuous thumping noise, getting louder and louder as you get closer,” Dallas Dog RRR wrote on Facebook. “You lift up the top of the dumpster and you see a box that is taped up slightly moving. Your heart stops because you know something is alive in there.”

“You open the box and never could you fathom that you find a 4 month old puppy unable to move,” they described. “This is how Sally was found, taped up in a box in a dumpster like yesterday’s trash.”

“This poor puppy wagged her tail in hopes that someone passing by would hear her and find her and it worked. The box has blood splattered everywhere,” the rescue continued. The moment they received the photo of Sally, volunteers raced over to get her. She was in critical condition and taken to ER.

Sally was initially very frail and weak, not only from her bleeding open wounds but also from a dangerously high fever, dehydration and “one of the absolute worst cases of a skin infection that we have ever laid our eyes on,” said her rescuers.

“Her paws are so swollen and very painful to the touch.”

Sally must have been in agony, but her tail kept on “beating like a drum”.

“Even with the discomfort, this puppy WILL NOT STOP WAGGING HER TAIL!!! I have never seen anything like this,” Dallas Dog RRR wrote in an update. “This is a true testament that no evil will ever burn the light out in her heart.”

After several days as an inpatient at the animal hospital, Sally has moved into foster care and will be in and out of the vets office for several weeks as she faces a long recovery.

On the day she was picked up from the vets by her “number one advocate, Patti” Sally smothered her in kisses. “Sally is done feeling dreadful and only knows kindness now,” said the rescue group. “Let the transformation begin, folks.”

Pupdate on Sally!

A few months after her rescue, and Sally is a dog reborn. Dallas Dog RRR shared updated photos of Sally mange-free. And thanks to the many volunteers and her foster family, Sally completely healed and had her wishes come true, she found a forever family!

If you would like to find out more about Sally’s rescuers, visit their website. Be sure to share Sally’s story with your friends and support animal rescuers in your community.

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