Sweet Dog Decides Newborn Baby is His and Never Lets Her Out of His Sight

A dog’s devotion to their family is always touching to see. They will become attached to the people who look after them that it’s only natural they return the favor. That certainly is the case with a Shiba Inu named Zero and his little human, River.

When newborn baby River came home a few weeks after being born, Zero was immediately smitten.

River’s mom kindly shared photos of Zero’s devotion to River with and writes “So my shiba, Zero, has decided that River is his baby and spends all his time as close to her as he can get.”

He naps at her feet.

Checks on her when she’s napping alone.

Keeps an eye on play time.

Supervises dad doing diaper changes.

And also when dad changes River’s clothes.

He checks on her when she’s being held.

Are you doing all right, little one?

Let’s check those hands.

Zero is steadfastly devoted, and will make sure River is always protected when he is around.

Photos Reprinted on with permission from River and Zero’s mom.

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