The woman makes her cat a bed from the old suitcase – but the cat still prefers the real thing

Samantha was rescued from a cat rescue by her mother when she was a kitten, and she has been enjoying the privileged life ever since. The senior rescue cat, who is roughly 10 years old, understands what she loves and isn’t scared to express her feelings.

“Personality-wise, she is really nice and somewhat of a princess,” Samantha’s mother, Heather Law, told The Dodo. “She enjoys being pet, but only on her terms.” In that order, her favorite hobbies are eating and resting.”

Samantha’s biggest delight in life is discovering new places to snooze around the home – and because her mother travels frequently, luggage have become one of Samantha’s top favorite resting areas.
“When I’m preparing for a vacation, she’ll be in my room sleeping on everything while I put it out on my bed, and she’ll generally lie on top of the luggage before I leave,” Law explained.

Samantha keeps on sleeping in her unopened luggage even after her mother returns, and she despises it when Law eventually puts them away. Law developed an idea that would allow Samantha’s favorite cat to sleep inside a suitcase whenever she wanted after noticing Samantha’s passionate and slightly weird fondness for bags.

She decided to turn Samantha’s bag into a bed.

Using inspiration and ideas from Pinterest, Law turned an old luggage into a lovely, extremely comfortable suitcase bed. When it was finally ready, she quickly handed it to Samantha, expecting her to be overjoyed — but she was very unimpressed.

“Her initial reaction to the new cat bed was complete apathy,” Law explained. “I tried jingling toys around it, but she didn’t care.”

Samantha initially refused to use the suitcase bed at all, preferring to sleep inside her mother’s empty luggage. Law believed Samantha would enjoy the suitcase bed if she just gave it a chance, so she decided to sprinkle some catnip on top — and it worked perfectly.


“She climbed up and started rolling around in her bed, and she’s been using it ever since,” Law explained. “She generally rests in it when I’m getting dressed in the morning, although I think she loves any old suitcase that I set out.”

Samantha now enjoys her fancy suitcase bed, but she still sneaks naps in actual suitcases whenever she can, because she’s a cat, and that’s just what cats do.

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