This Cat Was Rescued After Spending 2 Years Trapped In A Pet Carrier

Samuel, a cat who had spent virtually his entire life confined in a pet container, was freed. His rescuers thought it was too late when he was discovered. Samuel had been kept in a tiny cat carrier for two years and was skin and bones when he was brought to BARC, a Houston-based animal rescue.

The cat had mange-related bulging eyes and a lengthy list of expensive medical issues. Samuel would be scheduled for euthanasia as soon as the shelter’s mandatory waiting time was completed, given his terrible prognosis.

The cuddly cat came dangerously near to never feeling love after being separated from people and other animals for two years. But, happily, he arrived only hours before his appointment.

Leslie Raines, a Houston-area vet tech, was home ill on that particular day and stumbled upon Samuel’s photo.

Leslie explained to The Dodo:

“Someone had uploaded a photo of an extremely underweight cat that had tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus,” says the author (FIV). He realized it wasn’t going to help him get out of the shelter, and he looked very depressed. So I sent out word to several of the rescue organizations that if he could get some help, he’d take care of him.”

For two years, a rescued cat was locked in a pet carrier.
So Samuel was adopted by Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue (SAPCR), and one of Leslie’s clinic clients offered to take the ill cat out of the shelter.

Leslie explained:

“When he got in the automobile, he honestly felt he was going to die since he was in such horrible state.”

When Samuel arrived at the vet, he was quickly treated. He was dangerously emaciated and covered with mange, and he had pressure injuries as a result of being confined to such a tight place for so long.

Leslie stayed upbeat despite her tattered look and rough skin.

Samuel’s dread of being given free rein in a cozy household atmosphere began to fade as he gained weight and his vision recovered. According to Leslie, he moved from cowering under the sofa for days to perching on his cat carrier, his “comfort zone.”

Leslie explained:

“It was as if he had to learn to be a cat as he began to come out of his shell more and more.” He had no idea how to play. He would tumble off any piece of furniture, and walking on the floor was like walking on burning coals».

Samuel’s thick black and white fur got thicker as the months passed, yet he still had concerns to face. He was terrified of his own reflection.

Nearly a year later, when it came time to meet possible adopters, Samuel was back to being the terrified kitten, surrounded by unfamiliar humans.

Samuel has found his everlasting home.
Until an online user called Bryan Smith stumbled across Samuel’s photo. When they eventually met, Samuel reminded Smith of the Maine Coon he had lost to cancer the year before, and everything changed.

Bryan approached Samuel on the floor next to the kennel and began conversing with him. Samuel’s face was entirely different than it had ever been before; she was just calm. He was at ease.

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